Press Release July 26 2017

Following the Visit to the Rail College in Doncaster, we call on Sir David Higgins to resign today for lack of openness, honesty and respect he has treated the HS2 Communities in the last year. 

Crofton is a quiet village in West Yorkshire. HS2 Limited plans to run a High Speed Train through the village. Local residents have formed an Action Group to fight HS2. We will stop HS2 destroying our village of 9,000 people 

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 We are affiliated to YORKSHIRE AGAINST HS2 &  STOP HS2

Please Sign our Petition : we are also against the previous routes & want HS2 scrapped or an alternative low impact route 

New HS2 route to affect Crofton

* (Comres survey2015)

In 2013 HS2 Limited proposed a High Speed Track on the Western Side of Crofton, along with a Rolling Stock Maintenance Depot in New Crofton. A Track would be built to the South of Crofton linking the Depot to the High Speed Line. On July 7th 2016, HS2 Limited now proposed to run the main High Speed Track through the Eastern Part of the Village in New Crofton & an Eastern spur to the Depot at New Crofton.

What will HS2 mean to Crofton?
● 7-8 years of Construction
● Demolition & Destruction
● Property Blight : house prices & can't sell
● Noise & Light pollution
● Pollution
● Destruction of Environment/Visual
● Geological & Vibration
● Road Haulage & Traffic

Fact : 52% of Yorkshire People are solidly opposed to the wasting of £90 billion on High Speed 2 58% of Yorkshire Small Businesses don't want HS2 &  Wakefield Council doesn't want HS2 why is it being built?(Comres 2015)

Fact : The New Recommended M18/Eastern HS2 route through Yorkshire involves the destruction of at least 240 homes, which is twice the amount of demolition required by the original proposed route of 105 homes , despite false claims made by Sir David Higgins on July 7th that "Overall, though, it is expected fewer properties would be need to be demolished" (p.22 Sheffield & South Yorkshire Report)

Fact : The New Recommended M18/Eastern HS2 route is not new but is identical to the route rejected by HS2 Limited in 2012 as part of it's sifting process. The East of Rotherham Group of routes was rejected because high noise and environmental impacts. 

Fact: HS2 Limited quickly abandoned Sheffield Meadowhall HS2 station in July 2016, admitting the proposed 2013 route was the wrong choice but then dusted off old plans working on old maps & basic assessments done in 2011,  five years old since when a 212 home housing development at the Strata Home Shimmer Estate in Mexborough and the  220 home Redrow Priory Fields & Harron Home Royal Wells Park at Crofton have been newly built. The First of these will be demolished by the new route & the other two close proximity to track & Depot.


Fact : The Statement made by HS2 Chairman Sir David Higgins that the new route would involve less risk from the legacy of mining,result in less overall expected noise impact is a false statement (p.22)No noise assessments have been carried out on the new route, but with 80,000 people living within 1km of the route : the numbers of people affected by intolerable levels of noise will exceed the estimate of 6,200 on the first route by a factor of 4. The past mining activities in Mexborough and Crofton would make the siting of a High Speed Train route unwise & expensive. 

OLD HS2 Proposed Route in West & South Crofton (still proposed)