The Secret Route which HS2 lied about to Crofton for Two Years.

As a result of Crofton campaigners forensically challenging HS2 Limited over the number of residential demolitions on the M18 Eastern Route and the false claims by HS2 Limited of fewer affected residents and fewer demolitions, it emerged in September 2016, that a version of the previous Meadowhall route (now rejected) had been adapted or "refined" to lower costs. Despite requests from Campaigners and Media to obtain details of where the route went and what places were affected, these incredibly were refused as they were against the public interest and might blight areas unnecessarily. Actually there can be nothing more in the public interest to know if a high speed train is going to pass through your home.  For residents of New Crofton, the refined Meadowhall route was identical to the M18 Eastern Route (previously rejected by HS2 Ltd in 2011 then known as East of Rotherham) and for two years we were kept in the dark about HS2 Ltd's plans while the Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McClaughlin secretly visited Crofton in April 2016. When the M18 Route was announced in June 2016 to South Yorkshire Councils in Sheffield, West Yorkshire was forgotten , Crofton was ignored. TV and Newspapers in Wakefield and Leeds were briefed that the route involved no changes for West Yorkshire, only true because, the changes had happening in secret 2 years before. It was this secret route which was used to decide the change rather than the 2013 Consulted route, despite claims to the contrary in the Higgins Report

On September 7th 2016 : a FOI Request revealed cost breakdown analysis from HS2 Limited on the new route and a refusal to disclose information on noise and demolitions since it was not in the public interest.

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